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You might have heard of the Lottery Singapore. It is the nation’s government lottery. There are many reasons to play it, but what are the rules and benefits of playing? Let’s explore the lottery’s history. How was it launched and who runs it. In 1968, Toto was first offered in Singapore. Since then, there have been numerous changes, including snowballing and top price increases. In 2016, it went online.

To play the Lottery Singapore, you must be a Singaporean or a resident to participate. You must have a valid Singapore passport in order to participate. You can also buy lottery tickets by visiting participating outlets. You can check your winning numbers on the Lottery Singapore website or download its mobile application. You can also purchase tickets in advance by visiting participating outlets. However, be aware that purchasing tickets in advance is highly recommended. Because the jackpot prize is quite high, winning is not guaranteed.

You can buy tickets for any number of tiers. The lowest-priced ticket costs $1. If you have more than three numbers, you have a chance of winning the jackpot. The price of winning a prize increases as the number of tiers goes higher. The jackpot prize is awarded to the player who matches all six winning numbers. There are many different prize tiers – some offer fixed amounts, others have percentages of the prize pool.