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When it comes to playing the lottery, Singapore has two different versions of games that people can take part in. The first version is the two-digit game known as Toto, while the second version is known as 4D. The most popular game in Singapore is the 4D, which is played several times a week. Singapore also has a private lottery company called Singapore Pools that offers lottery games.

A Lottery Singapore ticket can be purchased online or from a regional store, and it is important to buy the right type of ticket. The numbers you select must match the results of previous draws, or else your ticket will be invalid. You must also ensure that you buy your tickets using the right weights of the balls, because the incorrect weight can alter your winning numbers. This can cost you more money than you originally spent on the ticket.

In addition to the official website, Singapore Lottery also has a mobile app. Its app has more information about the lottery. The mobile app also provides a list of winning numbers. This is helpful for those who like to see the results as soon as possible, and for those who want to check past results.

In addition to lottery results, Lotto Info also offers information on the final five winning numbers. In addition, it provides contact information for the lottery’s final five winners, as well as details on prize amounts and drawings times. In addition, the site also features daily and days-gone results.