How to Play the Lottery Singapore Site

Lottery Singapore

You can play the Lottery Singapore online or at retail outlets, and you can even receive email notifications of the latest draws. The process is simple and secure. All you need is a computer or mobile phone with internet access and a small amount of memory. You can even play online poker and play the lottery with your mobile phone!

To play the lottery, players choose six numbers from one to 49. The price of a lottery ticket is $1, GST included. The odds of winning the jackpot are 1 in 13,983,816, or one in 54. The jackpot rolls down if there is no winner for four consecutive draws. When this happens, the prize pool is shared between the winners of the lower-tier prizes.

In Singapore, the lottery is regulated by the Ministry of Home Affairs. There is only one authorized operator, called Singapore Pools. There are three main types of lottery games in Singapore: 4D, Toto, and Sweep. Each of them has different rules. For example, in 4D, players choose six numbers out of 49, and if all six numbers match, they win the jackpot.

The official game of Toto was first launched in Singapore on June 9, 1968. It has since undergone several changes, including the introduction of snowballing and the increase in the top prize. Toto was also made available as a computerized game on May 19, 1986. Its original format was 5/49, and this was changed to 6/42 in 1988. Its format was again changed to 6/49 in 1998, and in 2014, Toto was made available online.